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Sand (Steel) Blasting Room With Scraper Conveyor

Sand (Steel) Blasting Room prodused shot blasting all kinds of metal and steel from different pollutions; all kinds of scale, and deep rust and other other contaminants. Wherein this room has a low price.

The metal processing in sand blasting room is carried out manually by an operator. Operator training is done by experts of our company. Compliance with safety regulations is the basis for long-term work the blasting room, so every operator works in a special protective suit  that delivered with the product.

How it works:  stream of shot accelerates by compressed air thanks to pressure-plant. This pressure-plant is madeby our factory and hasn't analogues in the world. The blasting room works with mathematical precision which is calculated by our engineering department. It cleans the metal or metal structure of various pollution, slag from welding and oxidation. It makes the surface is rough and shining.

Use our sand blasting rooms improves the appearance of metal and processed metal, and improves the quality ofsubsequent painting and protects the metal from the external environment. This is simple to use and durable in continuous operations.

The feature of this blasting rooms is a system of scrapers for collecting shot which are recessed not more than 180 mm - 360 mm. There are consist of longitudinal and transverse scrapers.

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