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Monorails Hook Shot Blasting Machine

Monorails Hook Shot Blasting Machine are suitable for companies of Oil and Gas Industry, as well as in the processing of small metal products. This Blasting Machine is a relatively small workshop space, as is oriented vertically. The efficiency of surface treatment is maximized. Unique throwers is 100% coated surface includingdetails closed corners and bends.

Monorails Hook Shot Blasting Machine are used for surface treatment of sensitive parts that can not be processedin production. It is noted their high reliability and efficiency in the processing of especially complex in construction, heavy or bulky components.

Our factory is designed Monorails Hook Shot Blasting Machine at the same variants:

- I-rail, popular models because they have small size and can be to embed them in a whole line for metal custom sizes;

- Y-rail for difficult outsize machines and units;

- Machine with a beat or a continuous mode of transit, with low cost and ease of transportation.

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