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Pipe Shot Blasting Machines

Pipe Shot Blasting Machines is intended for processing the outer surface of pipes with diameters of 50 to 3500mm. 

Shot of necessary diameter processed various types of pipe's surfaces and other products of cylindrical shape,including complex products with holes. The result of cleaning the surface becomes a removal of pollution of various complexity, rust internal and external layers of metal and slag, creates problems for the high-quality coloroutput.

These machines are widely used in raw materials and metallurgical industry. Treating of cylindrical surface is difficult because it is difficult to treat the whole surface of the pipe at the same time in one cycle. Our company minimized the number of operations per cycle and took into account the desired power-saving mode, so the pipeis processed continuously without outside interference. Сonsumption of shot in this mode is minimal. 

The principle operation of the equipment is simple. Roller conveyor provides a necessary and sufficient rotational movement of workpieces through Pipe Shot Blasting Machines, which allows uniformly process the workpiece surface. All our components and corps of machines and the turbine are made from wear-resistant materials, thereby providing efficient handling of products.

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